Hi, I'm Kayla!

Introducing easy-to-attach, magnetic luxe shoe jewelry. From pavé European crystals to smooth shiny metals, our Shoelry® accessorizes and upgrades your vibe from head-to-toe. Stack them up on sneakers, boots, stilettos and anything with laces.

Our elevated shoe charms will help you make each step forward a strong, confident statement about who you are.

The idea for shoe jewelry was born in 2016 while on a business trip in Milan. At that time I worked in the beauty industry specializing in product development and innovation. While working in this field, I was constantly spotting products and thinking of ways to turn them into something new. One day while shopping in a beautiful little Italian jewelry store, I came across sparkly brooches and pins. Looking down at my sneakers I thought, these would look so cute attached to my shoes.

I started wondering, why can’t we make a statement on our shoes that could match the same quality of jewelry we wear on our fingers, wrists, necks, and ears?

Feeling inspired by all the beautiful fashion surrounding me, I made my purchase, stopped into the closest café, and began to decorate my shoes. After attaching these little jewels to my laces, I instantly felt more elevated, more confident, and more complete from head-to-toe in a way that felt fresh and exciting. In that moment, I realized adding sparkle to my shoes was the missing piece to my style puzzle. The only issue was that these little jewels were not meant to be attached to shoelaces.

Upon returning home to NYC, I struggled to find any luxe or easy-to-attach shoe jewels in the marketplace - only croc charms, old vintage shoe clips for pumps, and cheap lace locks that forced you to untie your shoelaces to attach them. Who has time for that, right? With this realization, I began my journey to create the perfect solemate. A high-quality shoe accessory that can be stacked, is super easy to attach and detach, and above all, mimics the radiance of real diamonds.

My shoe jewelry are timeless staples that can transform and level up any outfit, while bringing joy through sparkle and shine. I want people to feel like they can add a sense of luxury to their shoes no matter what price point shoe they’re wearing. You can turn a $50 pair of sneakers into a luxury item in a flash.

Our company mission is to spark joy and confidence with each and every step. To empower and embolden everyone to put their best foot forward in life – both literally and metaphorically, through the power of self-expression. Be fearless, be beautiful, be bold, but mostly, be who you want to be.

As a female founded company, we're also on a mission to support other female entrepreneurs. We've partnered with the charity Soles4Souls to help underprivileged women around the world establish their own businesses by selling donated shoes and clothing. We donate shoes, clothing and proceeds from each purchase in support of these amazing women in need. When women support each other, magical things happen!

I hope my shoe jewelry brings you as much joy as it does for me. Because you deserve more from head-to-toe. ✨